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General Studies - with priority on social sciences

During pre- and elementaryschool, general studies enables children oppurtinies, to gain basic knowledge about their environment. Initial point for this are the different ways of exploring an individual environment: in dispute with their own environment, children developing individual theorys as well as own experiences. Those development (the relationsship triangel between the individual, the object and the environment) is the main subjekt in General Studies (a discipline of educational studies) and its teaching methodology

The main subjects related to scientific research and apprenticeship at the Chair of General Studies with prioity on social sciences are:

  • Historical and political Learning in General Studies
  • Education for Sustainable Development in General Studies
  • Intercultural Learning and Inklusion in General Studies
  • Aesthetic education in General Studies
  • Object related Early childhood learning
  • Sammlungsobjekte im Sachunterricht

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