Current Research Projects

Classroom Interaction
(teacher talk, teacher-student interaction, student-student interaction, error correction and feedback giving, question strategies, interaction patterns)
International symposium on Classroom Interaction, Sept 13-15, 2017 in Hanover, Germany

Developmental Sequences in the Acquisition of Negation Structures in L2 English: Research into the emergence of grammatical negation with a focus on the identification of progression levels and teaching implications

ILPD: Interlanguage Pragmatic Development, including the role of pragmatics in the EFL classroom and in language teacher training

Current Project: The impact of L1 linguacultures and L2 proficiency on L2E pragmatic awareness (in cooperation with Marcella Caprario, NYU Shanghai)

Digital Tools in Foreign Language Learning (with a focus on vocabulary depth an pronunciation skills)

WiPEC: Writing in the Primary EFL Classroom (initial literacy development and the teachign of writing skills) (PhD student: Anne Schrader)

The Development of Intercultural Competence in Pre-Service Primary EFL teachers
(PhD Project Vanessa Wildenauer)

Task-Based Language Teaching in Primary EFL Classrooms
(PhD Project Vinh Hien Pham Thi)

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