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The Faculty of Education is proud to invite you to a lecture by
Professor Tina Malti, Ph.D.
University of Toronto
on June 17, 2021 at 4.30 p.m.

Location: online


Why do some children harm others while other children show concern for others and self care from an early age? This talk will provide insights from the science of social emotional development, and its linkages to healthy growth in children. First, I will discuss the foundations, processes, and impacts of children’s social emotional development. This includes work on the biological, cognitive, and environmental mechanisms underlying social emotional development, as well as on the identification of patterns of growth, change, and continuity in social emotional development. Drawing upon diverse samples, I will then describe research findings on how dimensions of social emotional processes are linked to behavioural challenges and healthy growth. Second, I will explain the fundamentals how this knowledge matters for assessment purposes, and how it can innovate interventions aimed at reducing mental health challenges and nurturing potential in every child. Lastly, I will outline promising areas for future collaborative research across disciplinary and university boundaries, research practice partnerships, and knowledge transfer.


About Tina Malti

Tina Malti is a professor of psychology, founding director of the Laboratory for Social Emotional Development and Intervention, as well as the Centre for Child Development, Mental Health, and Policy at the University of Toronto, and a registered clinical psychologist.
Her award winning research focuses on the foundations, pathways, and mechanisms of social emotional development and mental health in children. Her and her team use this research to innovate interventions that promote healthy development and potential in children facing adversities, such as exposure to violence, war, and trauma.


Attendance and registration

The event will take place via the Zoom online conference platform and will also be livestreamed on YouTube.

Please register for participation via the "registration" button.
Registered participants will receive their access data by e-mail on the day of the event.