The Forschungswerkstatt (Research Workshop) was established by doctoral students and researchers at the Faculty of Education in the summer semester 2011. It provides an opportunity for empirical researchers to discuss their individual projects and to deepen their understanding and skills on qualitative social research (in general) and its methods (in particular).

The Forschungswerkstatt is organized faculty-wide and is open to all those who undertake research projects (research assistants, doctoral candidates, professors, academic and student assistants) as well as to those who would like to expand their existing knowledge in qualitative social research.

The research workshop addresses all subject areas in which methods of qualitative social research can be applied. In this context, special attention is paid to projects that are within the scope of education. When applying, it does not matter which stage of work a research project is currently in. The Research Workshop can, for example, provide support in operationalizing the research questions, in selecting suitable survey instruments or in analyzing and interpreting the research data.