The test library of the Institute of Educational Sciences - so called Testothek - is available to students in the teaching profession as well as in the Master's programme in Studies in Abilities and Development of Competences. Our test library supports your professional assessment training with a large selection of different school-based tests and training programmes.

Opening hours of the Testothek in summer semester 2024

Monday: 2pm–4pm

Wendesday: 11am–1pm


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The service and the mode of operation of our presence test library aim at the professional support of the training of assessment literacy of student teachers and of students of the Master's programme in Studies in Abilities and Development of Competences. Students enrolled in the relevant seminars and staff of the Faculty of Education can access a variety of school-based testing and training procedures during opening hours.

The use of test and training materials is expensive, especially due to test protection and copyright. Therefore, the careful handling of these materials is regulated by the following regulations for use:

  • The test and training procedures are handed out during the opening hours of the Testothek for on-site work (i.e. in the working rooms of the Testothek) by the responsible staff of the Chair of Psychology in School and Education. The unauthorised removal of test and training materials is not permitted.
  • A maximum of two procedures may be used at the same time.
  • The user of the test library documents that he/she has taken note of and accepts the user regulations by signing before each issue of materials.
  • All test library users are obliged to return the materials used completely and undamaged; otherwise they are personally liable for compensation.
  • All test materials are subject to copyright. You will be held liable by the publisher for any unauthorised copying or photography.

There is no provision for lending of test manuals or issuing consumables.

Individual arrangements for the use of the test library are possible.

In our Test Library, diagnostic tests and support programmes are available for programmes in various areas are available to you:

  • subject-specific competences
  • school performance
  • work behaviour
  • motivation in learning
  • learning strategies
  • self-concept
  • cognitive abilities
  • and much more...

Test protection and copyright

All test materials are protected by copyright. On the website of the Hogrefe Verlag as well as in the document of the Diagnostik- und Testkuratorium der Föderation deutscher Psychologenvereinigungen you will find detailed information on the handling of diagnostic tests with regard to test protection and copyright.

Information of the Testzentrale


Information on test protection - DGPs


Comment of the DTK Testeinsicht und -herausgabe


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