Julia Moeller supports the Open Science Movement, as well as many of the practices for the improvement of transparent and replicable research that have resulted from the replicability debate in Psycholology.

Teaching Open Science

We teach open science practices in our regular lectures and courses and encourage and advise students to try to replicate previous findings in their work that we supervise. When teaching methods to students, we introduce the free and transparently documented statistics programs R and JASP.

We also introduce, use and develop Open Educational Resources (OER) with the teacher training students in our courses, so that future teachers can use such OERs in their future teaching practices.

Open Science as an author and reviewer for scientific journals

We engage in Open Science practices in our research whenever possible. That includes sharing the analysis code and our research data with publications if possible, pre-registering hypotheses and planned analyses before conducting the research, and publishing either in open access journals or at least sharing pre-prints open access and as early as possible.

Julia Moeller serves as an associated editor for the open access Journal for Person-Oriented Research, which, as one of few journals, does not demand publication fees.

As a reviewer for numerous scientific journals, Dr. Moeller advocates for open and transparently documented research.

As a co-organizer of the 2019 Conference of the Groups for developmental and educational psychology of the German Society of Psychology, Dr. Moeller enabled participants to openly share their talks and posters via an Open Science Framework Meetings page.