Die Juniorprofessur leitet regelmäßig Weiterbildungen und bietet Beratungen und Consulting zu verschiedenen Themen rund um Emotionen und Motivationen an.

Dr. Moeller regularly gives talks, teaches workshops, and serves as a consultant on topics including 

  • How to promote optimal emotions, motivation, and well-being in learning and work contexts (e.g., work and work organisations, sport teams, school, university),
  • How to assess and analyse situational and stable aspects, and moment-to-moment fluctuations in emotions and motivation (e.g., developing surveys, developing assessment software, designing and conducting assessments of motivation and emotions in real-time, in the moments when they are experienced),
  • How to promote ethical behavior in academia and workplaces.

Our clients include sports coaches, managers, employees, professional trainers, academic institutions, and entrepreneurs.

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