With ERASMUS+ you have the opportunity to study at one of our numerous partner universities or to complete internships abroad. Dare to take the step abroad and broaden your horizons.

Your application for the winter semester 2023 and summer semester 2024 must be submitted as an email attachment to Dr. Christian Hahn, by January 15, 2023. Please indicate all three preferences if possible, as this increases the probability of receiving a place.

Please inform yourself comprehensively on this and the related pages before contacting the ERASMUS-Counseling with any questions.

Studium und Praktikum mit Erasmus+

Die Präsentationsfolien zur Informationsveranstaltung vom 7. November 2022 stehen Ihnen hier zur Verfügung



enlarge the image: Der Hafen Nyhavn in Kopenhagen, die bunten Häuser und Boote spiegeln sich im Wasser. Lichterketten leuchten in der beginnenden Dämmerung.
Nyhavn Kopenhagen, Foto: Colourbox

General Information About Erasmus+

Within the framework of the ERASMUS+ program, the European Union promotes partnerships in higher education and the associated student exchange in the 28 member states of the EU as well as in Turkey, Norway, Iceland, Liechtenstein, Macedonia and Switzerland.

Students of the University of Leipzig, regardless of their citizenship, can use the possibilities of the ERASMUS+ program for a maximum of 12 months per study phase from the 2nd year of study until the attainment of the first doctoral degree and study at one of the numerous universities or complete internships in other countries.

The Faculty of Education makes it possible especially for students in the teaching profession, but also for academics, through bilateral agreements with universities in other European countries to study at a teacher training institution or to carry out a host teaching position.

Erasmus+ Study

Would you like to spend three to twelve months studying at a partner university in another European country? Then apply for Erasmus+ funding!

Advantages of Erasmus+ studies at a glance:

  •     tuition waiver at the Erasmus+ partner university
  •     country-specific monthly Erasmus+ grant

An Erasmus+ study abroad program is open to all enrolled students and doctoral candidates who are pursuing their degree at our university. Students should have already completed their first year of study when they begin their study abroad program.

How to prepare, apply and complete your study visit with ERASMUS+ is summarized in the following overview.

Please inform yourself in advance about the semester start of the respective partner university in order to know possible overlaps with events or exams in Leipzig.

Aktuell stehen Ihnen folgende Partneruniversitäten zur Verfügung

Belgien, Antwerpen Artesis Plantijn University College

Belgien, Leuven University of Applied Sciences UCLL

Bulgarien, Sofia Sofiiski Universitet 'Sveti Kliment Ohridski'

  • 2 Plätze, Englisch B2

Dänemark, Kopenhagen Professionshøjskolen UCC (bitte geben Sie in der Bewerbung den Studiengang mit an. Wenn Sie sich für beide bewerben, so schreiben Sie auch für beide eine Motivation)

  • Studiengang: Teacher Education
    • 2 Plätze, Englisch B1
  • Studiengang: Early Childhood and Social Education
    • 2 Plätze, Englisch B1

Frankreich, Lille Université de Lille

  • 2 Plätze, Französisch B2

Frankreich, Paris Université Paris Est Créteil – Val de Marne, Kurse nur von dieser Fakultät, innerhalb des SESS wählbar

  • 2 Plätze, Französisch B2

Italien, Rom Roma Tre University (Bewerbungen für Rom sind möglich. Diese Partnerschaft fehlte in der Info-Veranstaltung, da der Vertrag nicht fix war.)

  • 2 Plätze, Italienisch B2

Lettlang, Riga Latvijas Universitáte

  • 2 Plätze, Englisch B1

Norwegen, Stavanger Universitetet i Stavanger

Österreich, Wien Kirchliche Pädagogische Hochschule Wien/Krems

  • 2 Plätze

Österreich, Graz Pädagogische Hochschule Steiermark

  • 2 Plätze

Österreich, Graz Karl-Franzens-Universität Graz

  • 2 Plätze

Österreich, Salzburg Universität Salzburg

  • 4 Plätze

Polen, Zielona Góra Uniwersytet Zielonogórski

  • 2 Plätze, Deutsch (geringes Angebot)/Englisch B1

Schweiz, Brugg FHNW Fachhochschule Nordwestschweiz

  • 2 Plätze
  • Informationen für Austauschstudierende (besonderer Fokus: Sonderpädagogik)

Spanien, Burgos Universidad de Burgos

  • 2 Plätze, Spanisch B2, Englisch B2 (kein gesichertes Angebot)

Spanien: Granada Universidad de Granada

Ungarn, Pécs Pécsi Tudományegyetem

Das Portal für Auslandsaufenthalte bietet eine Übersicht aller Austauschstudienplätze der Universität Leipzig, inklusiver der verantwortlichen Fachkoordinierenden.

Bitte Informieren Sie sich ebenfalls bezüglich der Netzwerke Utrecht und Arqus. So erhalten Sie beispielsweise auch über der Arqus-Netzwerk die Möglichkeit, sich zusätzlich für einen Platz in Granada zu bewerben.

Students receive the following benefits during their study abroad with ERASMUS+:

  •     a monthly scholarship depending on the destination country; in addition, Auslands-BAföG is possible
  •     6 or 12 months of study at one of the numerous partner universities
  •     waiver of tuition fees at the host university
  •     recognition of achievements abroad after prior consultation
  •     support for academic and linguistic preparation
  •     support from the host university regarding accommodation, cultural offers, etc.

Your application for the winter semester 2023 and summer semester 2024 must be submitted as an email attachment to Dr. Christian Hahn, by January 15, 2023. Please indicate all three preferences if possible, as this increases the probability of receiving a place.


Applications are to be submitted for an ERASMUS+ Study for one or/and two semesters, depending on the agreement situation. Please note that other countries define the academic year differently (for example, starting in September). You can find more details on the websites of the respective partner universities.

Application Documents

  • Application form of the International Office
  • note: although it says otherwise on the form, do not attach letters of recommendation from professors.
  • proof of your academic achievements as a copy (overview of grades)
  • proof of language skills (Abitur, certificates)
  • curriculum vitae in tabular form
  • letter of motivation in German (1 to 2 pages), in case of several requests one letter of motivation each.

The nomination is made on the basis of the criteria listed below, usually by the end of February. You will receive a corresponding nomination letter with information on the contact persons at the desired partner university and instructions on the further procedure in the preparation of the study agreement/learning agreement.

Selection Criteria

  • the prerequisite is: you have the required level of the language of instruction.
  • academic achievement (40%)
  • extracurricular engagement (10%)
  • study project / motivation (30%)
  • language of instruction competencies (20%)

After you have been nominated for a place abroad, communication will continue to be as digital as possible via email or Zoom meeting. Necessary forms can be signed and sent digitally.

The following steps have to be planned:

  1. Find out more about the next steps on the platform of the International Office.
  2. Download the Checklist as well as the KeyForms document (download-section).
  3. Contact the responsible coordinator at the partner university. Please ask whether the study project planned in the letter of motivation is feasible. Ask for more detailed information about deadlines, especially the deadlines regarding enrollment and how this takes place.
  4. You will document the outcome of your consultation in a draft Learning Agreement (LA) (Table A1). You will find the template of the document in the way guide. Also try to find out which courses you would like to receive credit for in your degree program for the courses chosen in A1 at the partner university (Table B1). Send the draft by e-mail to your coordinator at the University of Leipzig Dr. Christian Hahn.
  5. Of course, you can also make an appointment for a personal meeting if you have problems with the documents. Please make an appointment by email if necessary.

1. Agree on Study Plans
Before your stay abroad, talk to your Erasmus+ subject coordinator Dr. Christian Hahn about which courses at the foreign partner university can be recognized towards your studies. Please inform yourself about possible courses at your preferred universities. Often a glance at the most recent course catalog is sufficient. To speed up the process, it would be desirable if you could translate module descriptions that are not available in German or English into German using common websites (e.g. deepl.com).

2. Create a Study Agreement (Learning Agreement)
Create the study agreement after consultation with your Erasmus+ Coordinator Dr. Christian Hahn before starting your stay abroad. You can find an explanatory video on how to draw up the study agreement here.

Learning Agreement form


The following criteria apply for the recognition of your achievements completed at the partner university:

  •     the learning outcomes and competencies are comparable (mentioned in module description)
  •     the level of study is comparable
  •     the courses fit into the qualification goal and study profile of your study program
  •     the amount of work to be done is comparable
  •     We recommend a maximum sum of 5 LP/ECTS credits per month during the stay abroad; it should not be less than 10 LP/ ECTS credits for one semester.
  •     Students will receive the Erasmus+ scholarship even if they do not reach the total completely; the attempt counts.

Erasmus+ Internship

Through Erasmus+, you also have the option of receiving funding for a self-organized internship. The start and end dates of the internship are freely selectable. The internship must last at least 60 days.

More information provided by the Center for Teacher Education and School Research

More Information provided by the International Office

Going Abroad with AIESEC

For over 70 years, AIESEC has enabled young people around the world to become active in volunteer projects. For example, work against poverty, for education or for a greater understanding of environmental protection and get to know students from all over the world!

As a student in the Faculty of Education, quality education projects are available to you around the world - even as a required internship for credit.

Register on the AIESEC website to be contacted and advised without obligation.

More Information

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