The EU-COST-Action CA18115 "Transnational Collaboration on Bullying, Migration and Integration at School Level" (TRIBES) focuses on networking research about requirements for school development under the conditions of diverse societies in democracies in order to derive practice relevant concepts.

The TRIBES-project is trying to promote collaboration, to create and improve scientific measures as well as guidelines and establish more capacities in those complicated areas. This is supposed to help guarantee integration, decrease bullying and enhance the feeling of comfort and safety for students with a migration background. Those actions will hopefully have a positive influence on every student in the EU and help foster social stability.

Kathrin Hahn-Laudenberg is a substitute member of the Management Committee for Germany and member of the work group four: Pupil Voice & The Promotion of Inclusion.

Please contact assistant Professor Dr Katrin Hahn-Laudenberg for more information.


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