The research project ProfinK aims to support pedagogical professionals in accompanying and promoting children's development in the context of science education.

ProfinK aims to support preschool teachers in implementing science- and environmental education in preschool for children with different learning requirements with regard to their science knowledge, language and self-regulation abilities. The focus lays on the use of diagnostic information to improve individual learning processes. This is a challenging process for preschool teachers. In the project, preschool teachers work together in professional learning communities on these topics. Thereby, they use and further develop an e-portfolio to assess and document the children's developments. Based on this diagnostic information preschool teachers derive instructional decisions to foster the children adaptively.

ProfinK is the follow-up project of the research project FinK


Duration 08/2021-07/2024

Funded by BMBF (Förderrichtlinie: „Förderbezogene Diagnostik in der inklusiven Bildung“)

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