The Professorship of Educational Psychology with a focus on learning, teaching and development is responsible for part of the compulsory module "Educational Psychology 111-PSY-11015" in the Bachelor of Science Psychology at the Faculty of Life Sciences.

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Teaching and Instruction

Recommended for

  •  5th semester


  •  Chair of Clinical Child and Adolescent Psychology


  • 1 semester

Module cycle

  • every winter semester

Teaching forms

  • Lecture "Introduction to Educational Psychology" (1 SWS)
  • Lecture "Learning and Instruction" (1 SWS)
  • Seminar "Learning and Instruction" (2 SWS)
  • Seminar "Basics of Educational Psychology" (2 SWS)



  • Mandatory module for B. Sc. Psychology

Module examination

  • Written exam 60 minutes, with weighting: 1
    • Lecture "Introduction to Educational Psychology" (1SWS)
    • Lecture "Learning and Instruction" (1SWS)
    • Seminar "Fundamentals of Educational Psychology" (2SWS)
  • Portfolio, with weighting: 0
    • Seminar "Learning and Instruction" (2SWS)

For more general information about the B. Sc. Psychology program, please see the following database.

Students will

  • understand human learning processes and interactions on the basis of scientific theories and findings
  • are familiar with the most important approaches, methods and findings of modern learning and instructional psychology and can take these into account in the development of learning units
  • know important results and findings on the conditions, processes and consequences of (school) learning
  • can explain the significance of individual differences in the field of educational psychology
  • develop the ability to critically evaluate theoretical and empirical findings in the field of educational psychology
  • develop basic competencies in diagnostic and intervention procedures in the field of educational psychology
  • know current approaches and research fields in empirical teaching and learning research

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