On this page you will find all the information about the retake exam in the modules BWI-03 and BWI-04.

Please always send e-mails via your university account. Please do not use your private mail addresses.

Questions and Answers for the Retake Exam

The exam in BWI-03/04 is possible once per semester

  • You cannot deregister from the module during a semester and register for the repeat exam in the same semester
  • If you have deregistered regularly, you can register again for the regular module via the tool in the next semester
  • If you have not deregistered in time and do not pass, you cannot register again via the tool but must take the repeat exam

Please note that the retake exam consists of two mandatory dates for which you must be present. Please only register for the retake exam if you can guarantee your presence on both dates. In digital semesters, the attendance dates are omitted. You will be informed by e-mail and have the possibility of exchange for questions via Moodle course.


The following dates apply to both "Developmental Psychology" (Module BWI-03) and "Learning and Instruction" (Module BWI-04).

Retake Examination in Winter Semester 2021/2022

  • 17th of December 2021
    • Registration deadline for the retake exam (at the examination office; important: in digital times you may be automatically registered for the WHP as long as there are no official failed attempts again. Therefore, please check first in Alma-Web if you are already registered for the WHP. If not, please write to the examination office).
    • Important: After registration, please also register with Christian Hahn via e-mail.
  • 10th of January 2022
    • Login for the Moodle course will be announced by mail
    • Possibility of exchange via Moodle platform, if required via phone or Zoom
    • Christian Hahn is available for questions until the deadline
  • 31st of March 2022
    • Submission of portfolio (upload in Moodle course)

In case of not passing the examination "Portfolio" in the BWI modules 03 and 04, the complete examination has to be repeated.

The examination performance "Portfolio" is composed of the examination performances of the corresponding semester. The topics and literature references relevant for the WHP also correspond to the regular seminar contents of the respective semester in which the WHP is taken.

If you still have questions after studying this page in detail, please feel free to contact Christian Hahn.

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