Do you have questions about our mobile laboratory „m3uvi“? Below you will find interesting information about its meaning, components and function.

enlarge the image: Eye-Tracking-Brille
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What is the m3uvi-Lab?


  • The name
    The abbreviation m3uvi stands for mobile, multi-modal instructional videography.
  • The application
    The m3uvi-Lab allows us to go to schools and observe and document „real“ lessons on site.
  • The set-up
    For the research, we use synchronised cameras and microphones, but also wearable eye-tracking glasses to record the teacher's eye movements and perspectives.
  • The research
    With the use of the m3uvi-Labs, we can thus look at teaching „through the eyes of the teacher“. In addition, we collect behavioural and questionnaire data. We analyse our data using various quantitative and qualitative methods. We are also interested in current developments in the automated analysis of large amounts of data.


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