Are you interested in how school assessment and feedback are practically implemented in Italian and German primary schools? We offer you the opportunity to learn about this as part of an ERASMUS+ programm.

enlarge the image: Eines der bekanntesten Symbole der italienischen Stadt Padova / Padua ist der Prato della Valle.
Prato della Valle in Padua (Quelle: Colourbox)

Practice of school assessment in Italy and Germany

Assessment and evaluation are important dimensions in the professionalisation of student teachers in order to ensure the "inclusive and quality education" called for in Agenda 2030. The need for this has become even more obvious in the course of the school closures caused by the pandemic. Student teachers in particular are the target group that needs to acquire competences in order to be able to adequately adapt the teaching-learning process to performance differences within and between groups.

The project focuses on two European school systems and aims to work out similarities and differences on the basis of the dimension of diagnostics in schools and to encourage students to reflect on these. The basic knowledge of diagnostics and evaluation required for this is an important foundation stone for the training of diagnostic competences in order to be able to work professionally in later professional life.

Project aims

  • Exchange and reflection on concepts and developments of school diagnostics in Italy and Germany.
  • Getting to know two different systems of school diagnostics, incl. grading and assessment in organised workshops
  • Visits to German and Italian primary schools to learn about the practical implementation of school diagnostics
  • Building up digitalisation-related competences through work and communication on the online learning platform Moodle

Target group

The activity is aimed at students of primary school teaching and special needs school teaching with a focus on primary school who are currently taking  part in module 05-BWi-06 or plan to take part in the winter semester 2022/23.

Timetable & Embedding

The activity is embedded in the educational science module 05-BWi-06 and is thus part of the course credit at the same time. The language of instruction is English - but don't worry, your English does not have to be perfect.

The joint work will take place in learning tandems both digitally and in face-to-face workshops. The joint work on a learning platform will start as early as July. The Italian partners will visit Leipzig from 5 to 9 September 2022. We can clarify any overlaps with your internship individually.

The visit to Padova will be in October 2022.

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