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Chair of Speech-Language-Communication Pathology

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Our students are being prepared for work with these children and andolecents in schools (including counceling and speech therapy in a school context).



In our work we focus on research and teaching about children and adolescents with special speech, language and communication needs.

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speech, language and communication

In addition to teaching general language-promotion skills, students receive well-founded specific knowledge for differentiated diagnostics, speech therapy and councelling - always related to the individual case.


speech, language and communication

ISEL room speech, language and communication
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Dear students, please find current information and advice about the coronavirus on the following website

Personal consultations with Prof. Glück are replaced by online-consultations.


team photo speech-language-communication pathology

Team speech-language-communication pathology

Prof. Dr. Christian W. Glück and team

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studies content

Information about the studies content for speech-language-communication pathology

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development of a handout for teachers at primary schools

Supporting pupils with language needs in initial classes

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You find us at house five (Bildungswissenschaftliches Zentrum), second floor, secretariat room 253