Here you will find case archives and case portals for working with case studies from constructed classroom reality.

Depending on the portal, the case studies listed here are available to you as transcriptive, narrative protocol, video and audio-based formats, some with and without interpretative case analyses. Some of the case archives and case portals can be used freely, others require registration. Please refer to the notes in the following table for the respective registration procedures:


Case archive Web address / Terms of use Notes about the portals

Uni Hildesheim:


Click here for the Case archive
Terms of use aND REGISTRation

Free use and relatively simple registration

Period of use 1 year with multiple use

Uni Kassel:

Online Fallarchiv Schulpädagogik

Click here for the Case Archive
Access to password-protected archive services
INFORMATION on submitting your own cases

Free use without registration

Partially password-protected for some archive offerings

Own cases can also be submitted

Uni Münster:

ViU Early Science und ProVision

Click hERe for the Case archive "VIU: EARLY SCIENCE"
Click hERe for the case archive "PROVISION"
Terms of use aND REGISTRation

Use after registration with valid user ID
(Uni Leipzig student account)

Use for 1 year

Uni Halle:

Fallportal KALEI Fallarchiv

Click Here for the case archive
Further INFORMATION on the Archive

Free use without registration

Partial access restrictions for video and audio material, transcriptions, protocols, etc.

Uni Hannover:

KASUS – Kasuistische Fallsammlung

Click hERe for the case archive


Free use without registration

Freie Uni Berlin:

FOCUS Videoportal
Click here for the case archive
Terms of use

Access to videos from the topic area "Inclusion" with additional form:

Found in the FAQ


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