Are you planning to write your academic thesis in the field of empirical school and classroom research? We would like to support you!

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Our Offer of Supervision

In our department, we regularly supervise final theses, especially state examination theses. We attach great importance to giving all students who write their thesis with us a practical insight into empirical research. Further information, including deadlines and currently advertised topics, can be found here.

  • Collaboration in our ongoing research projects
  • Supervision during the writing of a scientific thesis in an interesting, interdisciplinary research environment
  • Method seminar/research colloquium for state examination thesis

For all students writing a state examination thesis in our department (initial supervision), a methods seminar/research colloquium is offered in cooperation with Educational Psychology, in which each state examination thesis should be presented at least once.

The event takes place every semester, always on Thursdays from 13:30-15:00h. 

Registration is via your supervisor, or by e-mail.

In accordance with the denomination of the professorship, we exclusively supervise empirically oriented thesis.

Therefore, the same requirements and framework conditions apply as in Educational Psychology.

We cooperate with the corresponding departments in research and teaching, for example a joint colloquium for scientific thesis.

  • Covering letter explaining your motivation for writing your thesis in the chosen project
  • Planned deadline for the submission of your thesis

The respective deadlines for applying for a state examination thesis depend on the examination period in which you want to hand in your thesis.

For a degree...

  • in the PZR wintersemester 2022/23, please register by 15. Januar 2022 at the latest.
  • in the PZR summersemester 2023  please register by 31. August 2022 at the latest.

Bachelor's and Master's students register with the above-mentioned documents with the research project officer irrespective of these deadlines.

There are currently no information events.

Current Research Topics

  • It is currently possible to write a scientific thesis in the following research projects:

Ansprechpartnerin: Prof. Dr. Anne Deiglmayr

  1. Lernen durch Experimentieren – Evaluierung eines Testinstruments zur Erfassung der Experimentierkompetenz von 7.–9.-Klässlern

  2. Is the pen mightier than the keyboard? Eine Replikationsstudie zu Unterrichtsmitschriften von Hand vs. am Laptop

  3. Fähigkeitsbezogene Überzeugungen und soziales Zugehörigkeitsgefühl von (Lehramts-)Studierenden unterschiedlicher Fachrichtungen

Ansprechpartnerin: Dr. Christin Lotz

  1. Gender-gerechte Sprache: Kann die kognitive Repräsentation von Frauen durch die Verwendung gender-gerechter und sprachlicher Alternativen zum generischen Maskulinum erhöht werden?
    (ACHTUNG: Anfragen können nur für den PZR SoSe 2023 angenommen werden)


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