The project is a sub-project of the joint project "PraxisdigitaliS: Praxis digital gestalten in Sachsen", which is funded within the framework of the "Qualitätsoffensive Lehrerbildung".

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Project aims

The project pursues two aims. On the one hand, the modification of courses in the educational science module Assessment, Support, Counselling (05-BWi-06) through the integration of digital media in the form of blended learning offers is intended to initiate the development of assessment literacy both in the field of subject didactics and in the field of educational psychology. In doing so, the development of competences in relation to the knowledge and action dimensions is enabled in an individually adaptive way, even for very large cohorts, i.e. practical, action-oriented measures with a high level of practical relevance are used. On the other hand, by working with and actively participating in the blended learning offers, the students acquire the competences to later develop and use the digital methods of professional assessment themselves.


The project aims to answer the question to what extent the planned activities contribute to the achievement of the project goal or to the optimisation of teaching-learning processes. Both formative and summative evaluation tools will be used. The formative tools will be an integral part of the blended learning courses, which the participants can use to determine their learning progress. The summative evaluation will be realised by means of a pre-post design with a control group that does not take advantage of blended learning offers. The success of the project is defined by the increase in diagnostic competences in both the subject didactic and pedagogical-psychological areas.

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