Teacher professionalisation

What makes good teachers and how can students be meaningfully supported on their way into the teaching profession? In order to constantly improve academic education and adapt it to current demands, we aim to answer these questions in our research projects.

Studentin vor einem Gebäude


Find out more about the EULe project. We focus on issues related to teacher performance, teacher health, and teacher professional development.

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Assessment in and for schools

Good teachers should be assessment literate. We are investigating how these competences can be systematically built up in all phases of teacher education. We are also developing assessment tools to support teachers in their school work.

Schreibendes Kind


Language performance in primary school in times of Corona

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Moral development and education

Socio-moral competences are considered key competences for adolescents and adults in globalised societies. We investigate the development of moral understanding, moral emotions and moral action over the lifespan.

Digital Teaching in Higher Education

Digitalisation in higher education offers opportunities and challenges at the same time. Within the framework of the research focus, we aim to investigate how good digital teaching can succeed in educational psychology.

Laptop und Bücher


Digital teaching in a pedagogical-psychological module for student teachers

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Eine junge Frau sitzt vor einem Laptop und liest

Reflexiv Digital Prüfen

The project 'Reflexiv Digital Prüfen' will start in September 2022. Here, the possibility of a new form of digital examination performance for the BWI-06 module will be tested and evaluated.

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